Experience Sicily like a digital nomad

Imagine you could do your daily work in a place that feels like holiday. Why don’t you come to Sicily and enjoy the warm and inspiring mediterranean area  while having a professional working environment at the same time? You could arrange your day between focusing on your work in a new atmosphere and connecting with the vibrant community of mediterranean changemakers, explore social innovation in Sicily and gain some unplugged detox times at the sea. If you are a Digital Nomad and want to work here, our hosting team will help you to feel at home in Sicily.

We can offer

For Nomads that would like to work at the flexdesk in our co-working area

For nomads that want to have their personal desk

Are you in Siracusa just for a few days?

If you are in Siracusa and want to use our facilities just for a few days then you can take advantage of our Daily Passes 15 euro per day, all included. Contact us at siracusa.info@impacthub.net, or calling +39 0931 69883 We are in Via Mirabella 29 - 96100 Siracusa|Ortigia