The pre-incubation program for aspiring entrepreneurs

The project EYE - Enabling Youth Entrepreneurship support group is the result of the collaboration of four European business incubators characterized by different approaches in the development and support of youth enterprises. The project was funded by the European Commission's Erasmus+ program, which celebrates 30 years of activity in 2017!


Project numbers

  • Coordinator: CROS, The Alternative University (RO).
  • Partners: Impact Hub Syracuse (IT), The Business Start-up Centre-Bitola (FY), Team Academy (NL)
  • Timeline: November 2014 - October 2016
  • Budget: 120 416 EUR
  • Events: three sharing seminars with study visits, an expert training program, a transnational meeting.
  • Intellectual Outputs: research on the state of the art of youth incubators, the toolkit "Incubation-outside-the-Box" which later became Yincubate.
  • Dissemination Events: 5 workshops in 5 different European cities.


A toolkit for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

The Yincubate toolkit was co-created by over 150 people over a 24-month journey through chaos and creativity. It is based on the experience of the four participating organizations, starting with a preliminary research on the state of the art of business incubation services in the countries of origin, and then developing tools to support young and aspiring entrepreneurs for a coherent and gradual growth path.

The structure of Yincubate

Yincubate is a framework that encourages participants to embark on a journey to the challenges of entrepreneurship and develop their skills along the way. According to the Gamification paradigm, Yincubate is structured as a game with 4 areas (Lands) representing the development stages of a business project, and 17 levels (Challenges), to structure a stimulating path and gradual growth.       Immagine senza nome  

Gamification and strategy applied to the creation of a business project

Yincubate is built around a map, a Journey Map, through which the route becomes a game: participants are called upon to examine their skills, define goals, go out into the real world, build a team, test business ideas and create value for their communities. All this, together with the development of essential personal and professional skills that will be used in the future in their working context (entrepreneurial and non-business). With Yincubate you will explore 4 different playgrounds, commit to completing the 17 challenges of the course and develop your potential along the way.       Yincubate_BACKCOVER    

Yincubate is also a facilitation program for organizations supporting youth entrepreneurship

With all its tools and the great path to take Yincubate is not just a book with guidelines on how to build successful projects. Together with our international partners we have studied a training and facilitation path for institutions and organizations supporting the personal and professional development of young people and entrepreneurship. Several associations have joined and use Yincubate with their affiliates, we also tell it at the end of the book. In 2017 Yincubate entered schools and universities.  

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