GeniUS Siracusa
9 Novembre 2019 - Impact Hub



Leader: Municipality of Syracuse, Complex Programs and Community Policies Office

Partner: The Hub Sicilia Soc. Coop. (Subcontractor), Confindustria, Fondazione Val di Noto


Thanks to the European Urbact program, a series of actions, studies, meetings and trips are financed to transfer a ‘best practice’, a successful project on open innovation – GeniUS – from the city of York to the cities of Syracuse, Tallin and San Sebastian. At the heart of the project is the transfer of the open innovation philosophy to different contexts and cities. This philosophy was born as a business approach, which looks at breaking the closed barriers of a company – opening up to other companies, the community, customers, etc. – as an opportunity for growth and identification of completely unexpected and innovative solutions. Applied to the city, it means unlocking creative potential and enhancing the knowledge and collective intelligence present to identify and co-design innovative solutions to the challenges and problems that the city poses.
A challenge to improve the quality of urban life is intercepted, then through meetings between public administrations, citizens and stakeholders and the development of ideas and projects through the use of the Genius communication platform, solutions are sought to achieve the goals set by drawing a working method transparent and participatory.

Impact HUB Syracuse is responsible for facilitating some meetings, social media management and the contents of the ning platform