Fabbricare Fiducia
9 November 2019 - Ilenia Nicolosi

PROGRAM: Cooperative Credit Bank of Nisseno di Sommatino and Serradifalco



Leader: Farm Cultural Park

Partner: CLAC (Palermo), The Hub Sicily (Siracusa), Abadir – Academy of Fine Arts (Catania), Low Cost Design (Bologna),



MACRO-INTERVENTION AREA: Territorial development

BUILDING TRUST is a project of the Banca del Nisseno aimed at building a permanent laboratory for territorial development, to enhance the city of Caltanissetta and its province (Sommatino, Serradifalco, Gela, Butera, Riesi, Ravanusa, Marianopoli). The aim of the project is to undertake a path that can facilitate cultural growth, a sense of belonging and the desire to improve the cities involved, and above all to give young and less young people a nice pill of trust for building a better future. The objectives of the project are:
– improve the quality of life in Caltanissetta and the province;
– build a strong identity that can become a territorial marketing tool;
– strengthen the values ​​of civil commitment and solidarity in the community;
– give space and visibility to local subjective and creative resources in the artistic, cultural, technological, educational and artisan fields;
– facilitate cooperation processes for the economic development of the territory;
– educating to taste, healthy eating, quality food and conscious consumption;
– promote the knowledge and the living experimentation of the environmental resources of the territory;
– promoting sustainable mobility;
– educating to recovery and recycling.

The Hub Sicilia has coordinated two micro-projects in Gela and in Butera