ITI – Industrial Tourism Itineraries
9 November 2019 - Ilenia Nicolosi

PROGRAM: Che Fare – Doppiozero



Leader: The Hub Sicilia Soc. Coop. (Siracusa)

Partner: Ufficio Programmi Complessi (UPC) del Comune di Siracusa (Siracusa), Tavolo del Futuro (Siracusa), Turismo sostenibile



MACRO-INTERVENTION AREA: Sustainable tourism

The IBM Foundation in 2012 selects Syracuse for the Smart City Challenge. “Working together for industrial transformation” is one of IBM’s recommendations to the city. The goal of ITI is to respond to this challenge, creating an unconventional and transferable product: industrial tourism. A mix of crossings (by train, bike), visits (on-site), meetings (in the flesh) and virtual experiences (App) to force the reunification of the two divided souls of Syracuse: the Petrochemical Pole, a sector in slow decline on the which the city has prospered in the last 50 years, and the historical, archaeological, monumental, landscape vocation of the aspiring Syracuse European capital of 2019 culture and already UNESCO heritage of humanity. The project includes 5 steps: territorial animation, the construction of a shared vision, the tourist product, technological innovation and enhancement through communication, marketing, and transferability. The first step is territorial animation aimed at raising awareness of the industrial history of the Syracusan territory and unraveling the dialectic in which the city is mired (between those who are pro and those who are against); the goal is to build a network of local actors to foster a shared vision of the present and future of the industrial center. A technological platform (wiki) will allow those interested to add data, proposals. ITI plans to build 4 itineraries:
1) by train, 50 minutes of poignant contradictions, from burning chimneys to the Saline di Priolo nature reserve, to then connect to the cycle path, with trekking and bike-sharing itineraries both identified by the project and Syracuse classics;
2) The energy routes, with the involvement of the oil factories and the Archimede thermal solar plant;
3) The nature trail, with entities that already operate in the area for the use of the Saline di Priolo Nature Reserve;
4) Archaeological itinerary with guided visits to the two sites of Megara Iblea and Thapsos. With the aid of augmented reality, it will be possible to observe the past, present and future of places.

Territorial animation for the construction of the network of local actors