RE‐LAB: start up your business
29 October 2019 - Impact Hub

PROGRAM: Ministry of the Interior – European Refugee Fund



Leader: International Training Center of the ILO

Partner: Microfinance and Development Association (Trento,, Micro Progress Onlus (Rome,, Italian Council for Refugees Onlus (Rome, www.cir‐, Municipality of Venice



Social inclusion

The project aims to guide, train and support entrepreneurship (individual or in cooperative form) the International Protection Holders (TPI) belonging to the ordinary categories, including their skills and useful tools for the activity of autonomous entrepreneurial activities (new or taken over). The specific objectives are the following:

  • Encourage the acquisition of skills and tools useful for the start-up of an independent entrepreneurial activity, by at least ninety (90) TPIs belonging to the ordinary categories, through an orientation and training course.
  • Facilitate the information and the creation of at least six (6) entrepreneurial initiatives (6 new businesses or economic activities already existing and detected, also in the form of a cooperative) purchased by TPI participating in the training course.
  • Provide tools to support and complete the start-up process of the business initiatives identified through the granting of a punctual and personalized accompaniment service.
  • Establishment of a territorial network of public and private entities of stakeholders linked to micro-enterprises and micro-credit that supports the beneficiary of the project to ensure future sustainability of the business strategies developed during the training course.

Training, dissemination and events, coaching, BP editing up to microcredit disbursement