Emma Schembari
environmental consultant and researcher

"We have the advantage of learning from the mistakes made in the past: schools are a new and very important starting point"
Emma is environmental consultant for the Public Administration, researcher at ISPRA and expert of the Ministry of the Environment for judicial profiles of environmental damage and remediation. Mixing competence and creativity involves all stakeholders in the environmental field with his work: she herself combines traditional legal training, acquired at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, with an economic approach to law. Environmental research has connected it with European policies: ahead of its time, it has aligned itself with the evolution of the concepts of sustainable development and circular economy. His inclination to action and to the development of good practices applied to companies and public administrations are the basis of his work: Syracuse is a laboratory in which he tries to apply these good environmental practices to develop meaningful experiences. The cultural and economic delay of this land is not a handicap for her, but a challenge for the future.