Our Coworking

The coworking space to feel at home.

Located in the magical scenery of Ortigia, Impact Hub Siracusa is the coworking space born from the recovery of a historic structure a stone’s throw from the sea.

A lively and stimulating place that offers workstations in shared spaces, ideal for individuals and teams: fixed desks and free-standing workstations to be accessed thanks to daily passes and temporary rentals. For those unwilling to give up privacy, the Impact Hub Syracuse coworking space also has private workstations. All the comforts of an office reinterpreted with sustainability in a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Many additional services are available for you, such as the use of projectors, printers and whiteboards. But also areas dedicated to moments of pause, such as the suggestive inner courtyard or the kitchen area: the perfect place for a lunch break or for coffee breaks.

Not just workstations

Share the space and create your personal and professional network
Find the right environment to develop your ideas and projects

Daily pass

15€/day 10€/half day

Daily entrances ideal for freelancers, travelers and professionals always on the move looking for a desk a stone’s throw from the sea.

Weekly coworking


The ideal weekly coworking service for freelancers and digital nomads looking for a point of reference in the heart of Ortigia.

Basic coworking


The basic coworking service is ideal for professionals and freelancers who want to share work spaces and develop their own professional network.


100 € | Half-yearly upfront payment

80 € | Annual prepayment

Team from 2 to 4 people

from 200€/month

Fixed workstations and comfortable desks in the open space area. Silent and functional thanks to dividing panels. Available for teams from 2 to 4 people.


Fixed workstations


Coworking packages
Private locker and possibility to customize the space
Free access to the common spaces of Impact Hub Siracusa
Wifi and shared printer use
Access to the reserved mailing list
Free admission to community events
Discounts on events, training, space rental and other services
Presence on physical and virtual memberwall
Access to the preview of the opportunities selected by the team


“Impact cannot happen in isolation, it requires collective action!”

If you don’t need a workstation but want to take advantage of the networking opportunities of our local and international ecosystem, you can stay connected and enjoy all the dedicated information to Impact Hub members thanks to virtual membership.

Join us to make the change you want to see on your territory and to find the inspiration you need to bring your projects to life

What we offer


  • Free access to the common spaces of Impact Hub Siracusa during lunch breaks
  • Access to the reserved Mailing list
  • Free admission to events dedicated to the community
  • Discounts on events and training, on space rentals and on additional services
  • Presence on the memberwall physical and virtual
  • Access to the preview of opportunities selected by the team