Coworking in Sicily for digital nomads

Coworking Space in Ortigia 

You can organize your day and focus on your work in a new and welcoming atmosphere, connect with a vibrant and innovative community of Mediterranean changemakers, explore social innovation in Sicily and spend relaxing moments. All just a few steps from the sea, in the heart of the island of Ortigia. If you are a digital nomad and want to work here, our hosting team will help you feel at home. 

Coworking space

The coworking space of Impact Hub Siracusa was born from the recovery that starts from the recovery of a historic structure and with the intention of designing a sustainable future. Not only workstations, but also an evocative inner courtyard and a kitchen area, perfect for spending breaks. 

Daily pass

10€ half day

If you are in Syracuse and want to use our facilities only for a few days

Basic nomads


If you need a flexible desk and would like to work in our co-working area

At home abroad


If you want to have your personal desk in our coworking space

What we offer
Printer, copy machine, scanner and Wi-Fi
Access to kitchen
Free coffee, fruit, tea
Access to all events
Support and advice for the best places and activities in Sicily
Personal locker

Stories of digital nomads in Siracusa

Are you curious to imagine how your life could be like a digital nomad in Sicily? Read the stories of the people in our community who have decided to make a change and move to Syracuse for a while. Each of them took us to one of their favorite places in Syracuse, to explain why this is the place where they can best combine work and leisure.
Come with us! 


How it works

If you’re a member with a co-working package, you can visit every Impact Hub three days a year, every year. So what does this mean? If you wanted to stop by Impact Hub Accra for three days, then jump over to Impact Hub Mexico City for three days and then to Impact Hub Tokyo for three days – you can!

All you have to do is contact the Impact Hub you wish to visit. You should get a response from them between 4-5 business days confirming your arrival.

We want you to feel at home at every Impact Hub you visit!

The fine print

Staying longer than three days? No problem! All you have to do is talk to the local host and purchase additional days. Some Impact Hubs offer visitors more than three days, be sure to connect with the local staff and they will let you know if that applies at their Impact Hub.

Impact Hubs always try to accommodate their guests, however there may be events or other conflicts that make a visit not possible. If that’s the case, the Impact Hub will notify you following your request.

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