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Digital Nomads in Sicily: the story of Ana

The experience at Impact Hub Syracuse of Ana, digital nomad in Sicily The concept of digital nomad at the gates of 2021 embraces meaning, experience, professionalism and multifaceted and multifaceted […]

Social innovation in Sicily: the story of L’Arcolaio

Social innovation in Sicily starting from ethical work in prisons L’Arcolaio is a Social Cooperative born in 2003 from the collaboration of its founder, Giovanni Romano, with the administration of […]

A history of innovative enterprise in Sicily

An innovative enterprise in Sicily: Laboo Design The story of Laboo Design is that of an innovative and young company rooted in love for the Sicilian territory. The Laboo project […]

Interreg Volunteer Youth: European volunteering told by volunteers

Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) is the European Volunteer Programme that offers the possibility to experience Interregional Volunteer Projects What is Interreg Volunteer Youth? The acronym suggests interaction between regions. Interreg […]


Antonio Perdichizzi is founder and director of Tree, a national company that helps people, start-ups and corporations to make innovation feasible. One of the first innovative SMEs in Italy, aiming […]

Sicilian Entrepreneurship: the story of Giuseppe Pignatone

Imprenditoria siciliana: Magneti Cowork Sicilian entrepreneurship is made up of stories of innovative and passionate young entrepreneurs. Like Giuseppe, who wanted to start a coworking space in Palermo and turned […]


Innovative Sicilian entrepreneurship An unconventional Sicilian entrepreneur, Diego Bongiovanni has for years relied on the support of the Impact Hub Syracuse team to enrich his research and development projects with […]

Adrien Malguy
A Digital Nomad coming from France

Exploring Sicily and Digging for Innovation Digital Nomads at Impact Hub Adrien Malguy, who called himself a ‘land explorer and innovation digger‘ worked in Sicily for one week as a […]

Danielle Gluns
Research for social innovation

Research for social innovation Digital Nomad ‘Soon you will have a German friend with whom you can speak your language’. This is what Simone told me when he was very […]

Chiara Pota & Alfonso Peralta
First BikeCafé in Sicily

Central Movement: the first bikecafè in Sicily  A project supported by Impact Hub Syracuse. It’s Tuesday afternoon and I walk through the little streets of Ortigia, towards the Bikecafé of […]

Gry Ulfeng
Curator of Theatre and Art festivals

Curator of Theatre and Art festivals Desk at Impact HUB Siracusa She’s back! It is end of june and Gry Ulfeng enters the door of Impact HUB Siracusa, after one […]