Sicilian Entrepreneurship: the story of Giuseppe Pignatone
6 April 2020 - Webmaster

Imprenditoria siciliana: Magneti Cowork

Sicilian entrepreneurship is made up of stories of innovative and passionate young entrepreneurs. Like Giuseppe, who wanted to start a coworking space in Palermo and turned to us to confront with those who already had experience in managing a similar activity.

From this meeting a long term collaboration was born: thanks to the business development services we supported Giuseppe in the construction of the project, identifying a business model that could work for his city and his neighborhood. With a market analysis work we structured the offer and thanks to the business plan Magneti Cowork obtained the access to the credit necessary to start the investments that allowed him to open.

After almost 4 years, Magneti Cowork has grown and added new elements to its business. Always in continuous dialogue with the market, with customers and partners on a different way of coworking and doing business.

Today, in this complex and delicate moment, we want to renew our support to Giuseppe and his company, which will continue to be a source of inspiration.