Digital Nomads in Sicily: the story of Ana
5 October 2020 - Webmaster

The experience at Impact Hub Syracuse of Ana, digital nomad in Sicily

The concept of digital nomad at the gates of 2021 embraces meaning, experience, professionalism and multifaceted and multifaceted modes. Every year there are many digital nomads from all over the world to bring their baggage of experiences, stories, networks and skills among the desks of our coworking space in Siracusa. Each with their own way: those who define themselves as a digital nomad in the soul and can’t work for more than a month from the same city, those who instead give themselves a few months to breathe new air, enter new networks and live new human and educational experiences. This is the case of Ana, a Spanish girl from Madrid who came to Impact Hub Siracusa to work thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. For six months, Ana was able to immerse herself in the “Impact Hub Experience” by living every day the coworking space and confronting with our community of social innovators and digital nomads.

In an email she writes us: “My experience in Syracuse was beautiful! I worked for six months in the coworking space where I learned a lot about social innovation. I had a great time with the Impact Hub team because the working environment is familiar and empathetic. Moreover, working with Impact Hub Syracuse, gave me the opportunity to get to know the social activity in the area (ranging from art, to gastronomy, to culture and education) and above all, to learn more about the most virtuous companies in terms of innovation and sustainability. I would say that the strong point of Impact Hub Siracusa is networking and being a bridge between the local territory and entrepreneurs abroad or in other regions of Italy. Impact Hub events have also been moments of great sharing useful to exchange and develop opinions, inspirations and social knowledge. What I found in Ortigia is the perfect place for any entrepreneur who needs, or is looking for support for his project, thanks to networking skills and expertise on innovation, financing and business development. In addition, the space is beautiful and is located in the center of Ortgia (useful to visit all the tourist places and have lunch at the beach during the beautiful days).