6 April 2020 - Webmaster

Innovative Sicilian entrepreneurship

An unconventional Sicilian entrepreneur, Diego Bongiovanni has for years relied on the support of the Impact Hub Syracuse team to enrich his research and development projects with elements of open innovation, social and environmental impact.

Aion Lab is his company and specializes in technological applications for the traceability of things and people moving in a space-time domain, such as the management of ticket offices and integrated services for maritime transport, festivals and major events. Together, we worked on the identification of new market perspectives, analysis of competitors and the implementation of new business strategies for the delicate transformation of a B2B technological project into a multi-service platform scalable to various socio-economic contexts. We identified four new markets for the technologies developed, prototyped the platform “MECCANISMI – smart event optimizer” following the principles of service design and defined a business plan for the expansion and growth of the company.

The result: the attraction of a major investment to relaunch the company internationally, consolidating the foundations in Sicily through the creation of a new Innovation Hub.