27 April 2020 - Webmaster

Antonio Perdichizzi is founder and director of Tree, a national company that helps people, start-ups and corporations to make innovation feasible. One of the first innovative SMEs in Italy, aiming at sustainable growth, a team able to offer a system of vertical and transversal skills developed in different markets. Open Innovation, Education and Communication are the three pillars of Tree.

Antonio is also president of Junior Achievement Italia, the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to entrepreneurial education for middle and high school students.

Together we have worked on the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem with high contamination potential, in the combination of social innovation and technological innovation. In addition to the elaboration of business plans and several business development plans for educational projects with a high social impact, thanks to our support, we obtained several institutional and European funding. 

The team of Impact Hub Syracuse has also worked on the elaboration of Tree’s Corporate Social Report: an essential tool for measuring the social, environmental and economic impact of the company on the national territory.