A history of innovative enterprise in Sicily
21 July 2020 - Webmaster

An innovative enterprise in Sicily: Laboo Design

The story of Laboo Design is that of an innovative and young company rooted in love for the Sicilian territory. The Laboo project is the brainchild of four young people, all Sicilian back home and all with very different backgrounds, studies and areas of expertise. They share two shared passions: one for Sicily and one for bamboo. A material capable of releasing oxygen into the air. During their periods of research, they got to know all the characteristics and possibilities to apply it in bio-building and in the creation of everyday objects, and with the aim of creating sustainable design, Laboo began to design the first prototypes.

So in January 2015, the first bamboo bicycle was designed and built “Unique Movement”.┬áIn April 2016 Laboo wins the call for start-up “From idea to project” and joins the Impact Hub Siracusa circuit with a one-year incubation period: a period dedicated to in-depth analysis of marketing, business plan, market analysis and business development. A path that has supported the company in entering the market with strategic planning and new value partnerships.

Four years later, Laboo develops architectural solutions with bamboo elements and eco-compatible materials, following the processes from design to implementation. In addition, with the aim of creating production chains at KM0, the project manages bamboo groves in Sicily and promotes planting at a local level by organizing training sessions for industry experts, architects, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs.