Daniela Coccimiglio
5 November 2019 - Ilenia Nicolosi

“Awareness and Valorization are the foundation of the great building called Future”

Daniela, called “the new intern”, is a craftswoman, architect and designer. In the cry of “nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed” she designs and recovers furniture, objects in general and buildings. Passionate about energy and sustainability, she is part of the Team of Futuro Solare Onlus dealing with the design and creation of models and further research for better and better design in the field of sustainable mobility. She is also involved in the training of young people who approach the world of volunteering and philosophy and participatory design.
She has had the luck and the opportunity to deepen both practice and theory on furniture and “workshop” building since she was a child. Trained at the art high school and then later in the faculty of architecture, she is experimenting with the applied use of new technologies.