Flavia Finocchiario
9 November 2019 - Ilenia Nicolosi

“Making the world better by creating zero-impact and eco-sustainable events”

Immediately after earning a degree in Political Science, Flavia begins a self-taught path in the floral sector. In 2007, following the conclusion of professional training courses promoted by Federfiori, she started working as a freelance in the wedding sector. In 2012 and 2013, in addition to setting up for weddings, she created the Salvatore Guarino Catering company’s stand at “Sposami” in Ciminiere; since then, numerous experiences in the sector have followed one another. In 2014 she received the mention of best florist at the event “Sicilia Fashion District”. Flavia’s goal is to design and create events and fittings for them using raw materials with an impact as close to zero as possible. Trigger a virtuous circle: choosing flowers grown by the companies located in the area closest to the place where the event occurs; make use of the provision of local artisans preferring it to the purchase of foreign imported products; promote those parts of the regional territory that have the potential requirements for the realization of zero-impact events.