Gianluca Interlandi
5 November 2019 - Ilenia Nicolosi

“coordinate and work together to improve tourism in Sicily”

Gianluca has always been involved in tourism: incoming in Sicily is his passion. After years of experience in the sector, covering and experimenting with different roles, he approached Relational Tourism: a trip can be lived in various ways but the travel experience can never disregard human relationships.
It is precisely for relational tourism that he thinks, together with some partners, of a new web platform that can convey through stories, faces and images the beauty and authenticity of a territory and the people who live there.
Networking is for him a personal need before being the key to a well-structured, attractive and quality tourist offer: the South-East is the part of the island on which Gianluca bets and, for this reason, he is willing to discover every possible contact and to develop common synergies and projects.