Giovanni Romano
9 November 2019 - Ilenia Nicolosi

«Social enterprise for the social and labor reintegration of prisoners»

Synthesizing humanity, entrepreneurship and farsightedness, Giovanni founded the social cooperative L’Arcolaio in 2003 with the main purpose of offering qualified paths of social and work reintegration to the prisoners of the Syracuse district house.
The main activity of the coop is the organic confectionery production: since 2005 the “Dolci Evasioni” brand produces almond pastries sold today throughout Italy. But the Arcolaio goes on: since 2010 it manages the internal canteen and now also the catering! Thus the inmates, members of the cooperative, in addition to the preparation and backstage work confront “the outside” by shortening distances and lengthening the vision. The Arcolaio is a founding member of the Val di Noto Community Foundation considering “the strengthening of social economy experiences as an evolutionary and rebalancing factor of the market”.