Marie Ella Kammler
9 November 2019 - Ilenia Nicolosi

“Designing Collaboration”

Marie is a German designer who loves to work by combining different sectors. She has done various jobs such as: organizing workshops on “artistic research”, assisting professors of “Systemdesign” at the University of Fine Arts in Kassel and working for the contemporary art exhibition “dOCUMENTA (13)”. She is now following a project on “Eating Design” and “Social Kitchen” with the “Bergfest” group of designers that includes the construction of a new laboratory on the culture of food for the University of Kassel.
She has great interest in all the activities that require collaboration, hosting and the connection between people and different professions. She wants to deepen these issues within Hub, to develop his future projects. Her goal is to create tools that are able to develop the potential of social innovation in the Mediterranean by attracting social innovators from all over Europe to Sicily.