“encourage a tourism consciously interested in the territory”

Interior architect passionate about art history and design, Susanna was born in Milan but moved to Sicily, to be able to surround herself with what she cares about the most and where she has decided to reinvent herself in a different and new challenge in the tourism sector.
She lives in Ragusa and she is co-founder of the Sanvito Hostel, a refreshment and meeting place that has been operational since 2015. In addition to the tourist-receptive activity, linked to the discovery of the territory, it aims to promote cultural activities by encouraging the meeting between visitors and locals, giving visibility to artists and producers and encouraging interaction and exchange to feed new ideas and promote the opening of Sicily to the world: all this combining the need for beautiful and comfortable spaces designed with an eye to design trends and attention to the quality of hospitality.

“Visionary, innovative and highly technological architecture for urban, social and eco-sustainable regeneration”

Seby, architect, has been working in an integrated and multidisciplinary way in the field of architectural design for over ten years.
Graduated from the University of the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo, in 2009 he created a working group, Metastudio design for human living, a studio linked by a strong human and professional partnership. The philosophy of the studio is to combine a contemporary language with the place where one intervenes, creating a strong union between new and existing architecture.
Promoter of a cultural challenge aimed at introducing a different logic of the urban project, which is based on the design and management of processes, on social quality and functional innovation, on the construction of public-private synergies and which requires a more articulated profile of competences compared to what the architecture sector has been entrusted to in the past, Seby today carries out the zerometroquadro project, which deals with the requalification, protection and enhancement of spaces that are no longer used and which offer themselves as opportunities to rethink the functions of the territory by developing new synergies between public, private and social. Winning project in 2014 of the “Social Innovation Lab” call promoted by Sol.co – Network of Sicilian companies, develops development strategies, studies feasibility and promotes contemporary, innovative and sustainable projects to make the spaces better identifiable, improving the quality of life of citizens, creating greater social cohesion, increasing the attractiveness of the territory and increasing the production and cultural fruition.
“Le Corbusier’s three powers are no longer the same, today the three powers are: culture, education and training – Institutions, governance – the large displacements of information through the network.”
“Visionary, innovative and highly technological architecture for urban, social and eco-sustainable regeneration”

“Talent is the best weapon that man possesses only when he serves everyone”

Salvatore is a light artist and expert in management processes in finding sponsors and organizing cultural teams in the protection of artistic heritage. He is one of the creators and organizers of the Box Art Festival, hosted at MACRO FUTURE in Rome, whose goal is to promote new artists and projects with a particular focus on experimental language and the use of new technologies.
He attended a course as art curator at the Associazione Futuro and a press officer specialized in events and entertainment and a master in cultural communication and innovative marketing with the Adriano Olivetti Foundation. He was an artistic collaborator at the Teatro Vascello in Rome and editor of the editorial site of the magazine Next Exit. 

“Designing Collaboration”

Marie is a German designer who loves to work by combining different sectors. She has done various jobs such as: organizing workshops on “artistic research”, assisting professors of “Systemdesign” at the University of Fine Arts in Kassel and working for the contemporary art exhibition “dOCUMENTA (13)”. She is now following a project on “Eating Design” and “Social Kitchen” with the “Bergfest” group of designers that includes the construction of a new laboratory on the culture of food for the University of Kassel.
She has great interest in all the activities that require collaboration, hosting and the connection between people and different professions. She wants to deepen these issues within Hub, to develop his future projects. Her goal is to create tools that are able to develop the potential of social innovation in the Mediterranean by attracting social innovators from all over Europe to Sicily. 

“Awareness and Valorization are the foundation of the great building called Future”

Daniela, called “the new intern”, is a craftswoman, architect and designer. In the cry of “nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed” she designs and recovers furniture, objects in general and buildings. Passionate about energy and sustainability, she is part of the Team of Futuro Solare Onlus dealing with the design and creation of models and further research for better and better design in the field of sustainable mobility. She is also involved in the training of young people who approach the world of volunteering and philosophy and participatory design.
She has had the luck and the opportunity to deepen both practice and theory on furniture and “workshop” building since she was a child. Trained at the art high school and then later in the faculty of architecture, she is experimenting with the applied use of new technologies.