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Social Lunch #4

Stories around the table, between food and innovative ideas

Impact Hub Experience is also social lunches and chatting around the table. We don’t want the emergency of the COVID-19 to make us lose our good habits, so we have organized a lunch a week with special guests who will talk to us about food and innovative solutions to produce, distribute and consume it.

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The guest at lunch is Gianluca Pannocchietti.

Gianluca is the creator of Radice Sicula di Rosolini, a project dedicated to the recovery of numerous ancient Sicilian plant species. He researches them in the territory, censuses them, recovers their grafts and then grafts them again. His precious work is played in the countryside in search of ancient knowledge that only the old massari still preserve. Nowadays we live in an agricultural world that allows the survival of very few species for each single fruit, only the most productive from an economic point of view are cultivated, only those that the large distribution considers more convenient, while all the others are lost forever. An infinite wealth of varieties, tastes, flavours and colours that we are letting slip into oblivion by preferring the sad supermarket homologation. Just to get a vague idea of what we are inexorably missing is enough to consider that there are more than a thousand varieties of pears, while those known and traded are just over three! Fortunately, people like Gianluca Pannocchietti have been travelling around the Sicilian fields in search of ancient varieties for years. A wise and intelligent way to preserve the richness and beauty of an enchanting territory.

Apr 15th
13:00 - 14:00
Social Lunch #4

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