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Stories around the table, between food and innovative ideas

Impact Hub Experience is also social lunches and chatting around the table. We don’t want the emergency of the COVID-19 to make us lose our good habits, so we have organized a lunch a week with special guests who will talk to us about food and innovative solutions to produce, distribute and consume it.

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The guest at lunch is The guest at lunch is Mario Lo Presti

With a project in agriculture Mario has created a cheese factory, where he works only with the milk of goats from his goat herd. His goats produce an average of one and a half / two liters of milk per day against 6 of another breed, which is monopolizing the market, but Mario’s choice serves to not standardize the breeds and to keep the ones that the market is trying to eliminate permanently as happens with the monoculture in the wheat field. His philosophy is to have little, but to do it well and give the possibility to buy his products in the company or in the small local retailers, avoiding the big distribution. Why? Because the future belongs to small communities that support themselves, where there is a bit of everything.

Apr 29th
12:45 - 14:00

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