Contamination LAB
12 November 2014 - Impact Hub

MIUR – NOTICE START UP – Presentation of projects to support Start-ups – Contamination Lab Line



Leader: University of Catania (Catania)

Partner: The Hub Sicilia Soc. Coop.




The Contamination Labs are places of contamination that promote the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and new learning models. The CATANIA CLab is an opportunity to create training, exploratory and generative ideas paths that lead the participants, be they the University (students and teachers), companies or external participating bodies, to the possibility of innovating their skills, in a optics that focuses on the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship, combining it with the objective of a development of the territory compatible with the vision that led to the birth of Horizon2020 and with the regional strategies of Smart Specialization.
The proposed model attributes a central role to the CATANIA CLab in the creation of those favorable environmental conditions necessary to support economic change. In particular, despite the multiplicity of paths that can be developed, a systemic approach will be adopted that takes into account both the actors of the innovative system and the interdependent relationships between the aforementioned actors aimed at activating learning processes (learning by interacting). The concept of connectivity will, therefore, be highlighted, within which all the processes of development and strengthening of local, national and international networks will be identified, with particular reference to the network constituted by the Italian CLabs.


Impact Hub supports the internationalization activities of CLAB, promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, learning and collaboration