PLAFF. Placement for foreigners
29 October 2013 - Impact Hub

PROGRAM: MIUR – NOTICE START UP – Presentation of projects to support Start-ups – Social Innovation Cluster Line



Leader:CS Lab Srl (Caltanissetta)

Partner: Tree Srl (Catania), E-Direct srl (Salerno), Challenges srl (Salerno), University of Salento – Department of Cultural Heritage (Lecce),The Hub Sicilia Soc. Coop. (Syracuse)




The project aims at enhancing and guiding immigrants in Italy who follow a university education pathway and at attracting international talent to encourage and support the social and economic development of the country, generating a positive impact at a national level and towards the world of work. international. The proposal responds, in fact, to the need of the national productive system to favor the internationalization of knowledge and markets, through the employment of immigrant students who, by virtue of the profound knowledge of the territories themselves of internationalization, but also of Italy having trained in our country, they can act as mediators and collectors of an industrial process that, increasingly, tends to create local business branches located outside the Italian borders. More in detail, the project idea envisages the creation of an integrated web system dedicated to supporting the entry into the workforce of undergraduate and graduate immigrants, in order to enhance their knowledge, attitudes and potential through the involvement of Italian and international universities, of national and multinational companies and the population of highly qualified immigrants. PLAFF intends to create a virtual hub that acts as a point of reference for all the realities, first and foremost Italian companies seeking internationalization, interested in creating a dialogue with foreign students working for an Italian university


Impact Hub oversaw the research phase together with UniSalento and the creation of a relational system between universities and companies, nationally and internationally, to support the study-work transition and foster the dissemination of good practices