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We believe in the strength and value of associations and those who create a positive social impact. Our services are also designed to support the reality of the third sector.

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Social Balance

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Third sector entities are obliged to prepare and file their Social Report, according to art. 14 of the Consolidated Law “Third Sector Code” (Legislative Decree No. 117 of 2017).

But the Social Report, regardless of its mandatory nature, is an indispensable tool for communicating to the community the activities carried out during the reference period, taking into account the costs incurred and the profits generated: a report on the activities carried out with stakeholders and a balance sheet of the positive impact created for the community. Only by ensuring maximum transparency, an organization or body can strengthen its legitimacy at the territorial level.

Addressed to

  • Third sector organizations
  • SME
  • Local Authorities
  • Metropolitan Cities
  • Park Authorities
  • Schools
  • Impact Measurement

    From 4.500 €

    Measure and share your impact

    This service is designed for social enterprises that want to monitor their social, financial and environmental performance concerning their mission and their orientation. The company will be accompanied in the identification of a series of indicators that will be monitored over time. The system of indicators at the end of the path will be internalized by the company, a data collection and monitoring system will also be built to observe the set of values ​​such as: income, innovation, increased awareness, cohesion, trust and sustainability.

    Addressed to

  • Social enterprises that want to monitor their activities and have elements to share with the public
  • what is it for

  • Provides narrative data – quantitative and qualitative – to monitor and present the activities and the positive impact created
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