Barbara Sidoti
International Protection of human rights

"the eleventh commandment of our times: do not waste - food, talents, lives."
Barbara works in the protection of human rights at the international level in the area of ​​migration, conflicts and the fight against human trafficking. Graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences in Trieste, she studied International Relations at Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center, and Kulturwissenschaft at the University of Vienna. She has worked for international organizations e.g. OSCE, ICMPD, UNODC, living in Bosnia, Austria and Denmark, Malawi and Yemen. In October 2014 he started 11eleven, a social integration and inclusion project aimed at young Italians and foreigners. Born as a social cooperative, the group manages the cafeteria-restaurant located within Scenario Pubblico, a well-known international choreographic center in Catania: here food is a metaphor for the encounter between people and cultures and eleven the eleventh commandment of our times: not waste - food, talents, lives.